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Platform 360e Version 5.0

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We have a lot of experience in your industry.


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Platform 360e

360e is an innovative eCommerce and mail order platform for all processes of this dynamic branch.

360e - Built for your Success in Mail Order- and eCommerce-Business

The 360e integrated solution has been developed especially for the specific requirements of the distance and cross-channel trade segment. Its modular structure provides ideal support for all business processes within the industry.
We equally take into account our customers' representative business processes, as well as all future-relevant trends and developments in the worlds of both IT and mail order trading.
The 360e software has been developed into a product with wide-ranging functionalities and, because of the modular structure, can be adapted to meet any required corporate demands.
We deal in experience and can therefore provide our customers with even faster, more efficient and proactive support in the development of their success.

Come as you are

    • B2B-Business
    • B2C-Business
    • Multi-Channel-Business
    • Internet-Pure-Player


  • 360e-Business

    Products, Orders, Customer Relationship Management - all included in 360e-Business.


    360e-Business Intelligence

    Facts and Reports about your Business - thats what you need to know. 

    The 360e-Business Intelligence module provides an important basis for your success. You receive a 100 percent real-time-copy of all operational data. To us, this represents Operational Data Store (ODS).


    Stock, Warehousing, Picking and Shipping - thats what you get here.

    Transparent warehouse management and an optimised flow of goods are the basis for effective supply availability and efficient warehouse utilisation. The 360e-Logistics module precisely optimises these areas and integrates the latest technologies.


We are always there for you

e-velopment is a company which deals with full scale mail order business and eCommerce issues every day.
The founding principle was to understand industry-standard processes and to automate them through the development of back-office software 16 years ago. Since then, e-velopment has evolved into a software company with an acumen for consultation expertise, which is always on hand as an experienced business partner, delivering far more than simply tailor-made and dynamic industry software. Our flexible back-office software, coupled with our industry expertise, reliability and a good measure of innovative drive, are the crucial factors on which the successful implementation and acceptance of a new standard software really depend. Our 70-strong work-force in Hamburg is driven by delivering success.

The team is competent and highly motivated. We make the most of every single day to ensure the continual development of our software and the success of our projects.

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The Four Principles - the e-velopment mission statement

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Our clients

Fashion, lifestyle, bikes, pets, outdoor, decoration and household, clothing for special purposes – our clients are unique.

Our clients are our lifeblood. We never choose a software solution by gut instinct alone – but the chemistry has to be right nevertheless.
We have been working closely with our clients for many years and developing business models in conjunction with them. Confidence in our software, in the involvement and the innovational strength of the company you have chosen and our existing clients have already chosen, go hand in hand with each other.
We have, for instance, already accompanied clients along the path to success, be it from mail-order companies to international multichannel-companies, or from regional product range specialists to category leaders on the internet.
Partnership, reliability and transparency are the principles, with which we describe the relationship to our clients.
This could soon be you!

„The 360e-Logistic is the hub for all processes and information in our logistics center.
… The best of both world - we reach our target up to 10.000 parcels per day in immediate processing.“

Burkhard Wagner, CEO Internetstores GmbH