7days: boosting efficiency, through use of 360e Software as the central ERP system

Name: 7days

Founded 1999

90 Employees

Software in use since 2011


7days designs, produces and sells stylish work clothing for groups of medical professionals. Beyond Germany, 7days also operates in Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The product range encompasses (among other items) doctors‘ smocks and laboratory smocks; upper-body clothing such as polos shirts and sweatshirts; also trousers; in addition to shoes and accessories; a special point of emphasis is the product offering for doctors’ and dentists‘ practices. The company’s portfolio, made up of more than 2,600 articles, is adapted to the latest customer needs on an ongoing basis, providing a lot of opportunity for individualisation.


Since it was founded, 7days had a software in operation that was programmed in the 1980s, one which was adaptable only with a very high investment of time and resources by an external programmer. One outcome of this was a need to organise a lot of manual activity sequences, bypassing the software; also, a lot of stand-alone solutions were created, constantly leading to interruptions in the information supply. The net result was that the whole range of activities around order-management and logistics was extremely laborious and time-consuming.

At that time there was only limited scope for 7Days to grow.

Implementation / Project

Alongside implementation of the software across all company activity areas, introduction of the required operational processes in the respective subject-specialist departments was a key part of the project. In particular, in the realm of order management the debtor-management processes have been automated. An additional point of focus was the reorganisation of the whole set of warehouse processes, including the processing of returns.

As part of the project work, e-velopment also rendered support in the building-up of the whole IT infrastructure. This involved defining which IT architecture to use and also the selection of servers and other hardware.

„Across the board, everything runs better and faster than before! 360e debtor-management really deserves to be singled-out: it was hugely important for us to have legal security and reliability for the audit process – now we are well and truly on the safe side. Another aspect for us was to decrease our stock of returns. At the time of the system conversion, we had a stock of returns that equated to approx. two months‘ worth; as a result, we were not able to send out payment reminders. Using 360e we worked through these stocks in a short period. Yet use of 360e Logistics also enables us to work with significantly lower stocks, and thus allocate a much lower level of capital to stock.”

Marc Staperfeld – Managing Director, 7days

Results for the customer

  • Self-administering storage facilities, providing a user-friendly overview
  • Faster delivery times
  • Transparent, highly-automated debtor-management
  • Processing of returns is right up-to-the-minute
  • Effective enhancement of productivity and profit
  • Growth-driven expansion of workforce

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