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We accompany you through the process, from project introduction right through to smooth operation of our 360e e-commerce software. For us, it is important to get the client’s project decision-makers and also that company’s application users onto our side. It is a matter of them understanding how they are able to take care of processes effectively in 360e, thereby saving time and maintaining an overview. Because this happens across a variety of interfaces, and in regular processes, we communicate with our application users on an intensive, ongoing basis.

In each of our teams (software development, project management, and service), we make experienced personnel available to you, with a sound understanding of your business’s challenges and requirements in e-commerce.

Software 360e

The 360e innovative software simplifies all back-office processes for mail-order, e-commerce and retail: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), merchandise management, administration of customer data, purchasing, customer accounting, Warehouse Management System (WMS), in addition to logistics: all these elements are planned and executed with 360e, in an efficient, future-focused way.


When implementing 360e, our experience in project management ensures that decisions are brought into being in a targeted way, with transparent communication at its core. Everybody involved is kept in the picture on an ongoing basis, about the latest cost situation and the current status of all measures taken.


Our large team for service and support backs you up with well-founded expertise in relevant business sectors and projects. At all times, we stay focused on our clients‘ individual needs, cultivating a relationship of equals with them.

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