Our aim is to enjoy shared success with you, taking a conscientious approach to our tasks. For us, part of this is keeping our promises: with us you are playing safe, both in terms of the functions agreed-upon and also the established schedule or the financial framework discussed.

Top Performance

Just like our software, we too deliver top-performance and have our minds directed at the future. Together with you, we boost your productivity, gain new clients and grow our business into new countries. Because, as we see it, software needs to fulfil one primary function: make you successful.


Mutual trust is a precondition for shared success. This holds true for all our employees and also for the cooperation with our numerous partners. Likewise, our customers are happy to confirm that the trust that they place in us is rewarded.

Spirit of partnership

We see you as our long-term partner, with whom we are eager to build up an active dialogue. The interaction among subject specialists and the ongoing communication with you are important for us, so that you can further develop as your software does


In a time of so many disruptive developments and digital changes, our company cultivates a tolerant, inspiring environment, one where innovation and change are what we expect and what we nurture. We constantly address new topics, developing them in small teams and converting them into new features for you. We just love being part of shaping the future!

Our Memberships