The decision to introduce a software to support corporate operational processes is a step of great consequence. What makes this a sustained success is the characteristics of our e-commerce software and, in equal measure, achievement of the very best integration of our platform into your complex system landscape. Through numerous projects, our specialists have developed and established the methodology presented in the following graphic. This is how successful integration and launch of our systems could also be guaranteed in your company.

e-velopment project methodology


The project set-up lays technical and organisational foundations for successful project implementation; between all those involved, it creates a working atmosphere built on trust and commitment.

For the individual range of questions that your processes raise, we conduct workshops jointly with your specialist departments and decision-makers; those workshops draw up solutions that ensure the desired benefit, while also guaranteeing the agreed framework with regard to time and budget.

In parallel, we coordinate the details and decisions on the topics of data migration and interfaces, with your IT and your service providers.

„A remarkably likeable, professional team, a team you can work with on solutions to problems, based on good personal interaction – and are happy to do precisely that!“

Marc Staperfeld, Managing Director, 7days

Satisfying the identified requirements and reviewing the respective results – as well as making necessary corrections, where applicable – takes place in an iterative process (a SCRUM), within the implementation phase. In that way, it is ensured that the prioritised topics are dealt with promptly, and that we can always respond flexibly to changes throughout the life of the project.

Jointly with you, we check and make sure that all processes are comprehensive, as well as ensuring the harmonious interplay of all the organisational units, in the form of an integration test leading to the go-live decision. If so required, we give tuition to your key users and administrators, providing support to your application users after product launch at your premises.

Throughout the project duration, our experienced project management team ensures that all decisions are arrived at in a goal-focussed way; they must also be communicated transparently, so that at all times the project participants are in the picture about the latest cost situation and the project’s current status.

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